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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Organometallic chemistry of low-valent lanthanides: unusual oxidation states and magnetic sandwiches

Séminaire du Dr Grégory Nocton (Ecole Polytechnique)

Abstract :

Organolanthanide complexes are an interesting class of organometallic compounds that have been developed in the 1950’s and that now concern most of the rare earths in their trivalent and divalent states. The applications for such compounds are numerous for single electron transfer reactivity and also because of their optical and magnetic properties: their Single-Molecule-Magnet behavior have impressed with record blocking temperatures. We will present a short overview of our methodology for the synthesis of organometallic complexes with very original geometry and in which the oxidation state is not trivial to assess because of the development of multiconfigurational electronic states.


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