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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

(Multi)-catalytic strategies, synthetic economies... and some supramolecular applications

Séminaire du Dr Adrien Quintard (Aix-Marseille University - CNRS)

Abstract :

The presentation will highlight our recent success in the development of multi-catalytic transformations. Based on the combinations between inexpensive iron or copper complexes with organocatalysts, they enable the rapid preparation of a broad range of molecules of interest. This was demonstrated in the context of natural products synthesis but also recently in the elaboration of new type of supramolecular tools.

Nowadays, copper(I) complexes received an increased interest for their application in lighting devices as singlet harvesters leading to interesting photo and electro-luminescent properties. Moreover, the abundance of copper in crust Earth compare to noble metal render them attractive for future industrial development. In the course of our study on 2,2’-dipyridyl ligands, we developed cationic tricoordinated copper complexes of general formula, [Cu(NHC)(N^N)][X], and applied them in LEC (Light emitting Electrochemical Cells) technology.


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