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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Reverse Engineering in Metal-Catalyzed Processes

Séminaire du Dr Laurence Grimaud (Laboratoire Pasteur, ENS, Paris)


Mechanistic studies are of utmost importance for the rationale development of new reactions. Indeed, a better understanding of the molecular process is still required especially for transition metal-catalyzed reactions, for which the development of new methodologies continues at a fast pace and still takes place by trial and error. The mechanisms of some relevant reactions have been studied by the synergic use of experimental and computational methods. DFT calculations are an invaluable tool to properties of unstable intermediates that drive the reaction and are not usually accessible experimentally. Unfortunately, an initial guess is always needed to apply any computational technique, and this can be confidently drawn only from experimental data, which emerge from the combination of electrochemistry, spectroscopy and conductimetry analyses.

This lecture will highlight some of our recent contributions to mechanistic studies of several processes and particularly in the field of transition-metal catalyzed reactions




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